• A wandering minstrel they call him

    Shine Delphi is a man who loves to travel and loves to play music even more. His childhood dream of playing the guitar around the world is now coming true. He has come a long way from the street corners that helped develop his style. He likes to sing about life and tell tales of his travels, dreams, love, and living. He only strives to be honest and open with his fans in a way that can show them that they are not alone in this world. His style is a mixture of gypsy, ragtime, and folk with a pop cherry on top ; ) You can find him all over the country from sidewalks to the big stage, playing his National guitar and singing his heart out. His music is just as infectious as his laugh and will inevitably get even the grumpiest gus to start dancing around. He is one half of the duo dubbed The Black Resonators which features his accordion wielding, national guitar shredding friend, Nathan Rivera. You might have even seen him with a full band including Jimbino Vegan on the clarinet, Karl "Pickle" Kummerele on the Violin, and rotating bass players like Taylor Smith, Ben Fox, and Conrad Norton. If you like music you'll like Shine Delphi and The Black Resonators. Check it out!
  • Photos of my travels

    Ostara parade this Sunday at dawn! It's going to be awesome :) My good friend @emceehairrule filmed a sweet little video for me the other night :) here's a funny little shot from it :) full video to come soon ;) Got hit by a car tonight. It seems like myself and the guitar are ok but my bike is pretty messed up. Be careful out there! We just busked up some beer off a balcony on bourbon street hahaha #tbt from yesterday :) lil Mee maw sitting on Polly's tail :) Our CDs got reviewed in this months issue of offbeat :) go get yourself a copy :) #offbeat #nola I love this photo! Most of all I love it because of the band! Jimbino vegan, Karl Kummerle, Taylor smith, and of course Nathan Rivera! #theblackresonators #shinedelphi #nathanrivera Got me a shiner playing basketball. And one! The Black Resonators t-shirt by Mr. Jimbino Vegan :) I chose purple but they come in many colors :)

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